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7 Best Thanksgiving Picture Books for Family Read Alouds

These Thanksgiving books are a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving as you read them with your family again and again.

Nina Simone
reading aloud Thanksgiving books with your family
|Holidays,Home & Style,Thanksgiving11 March 2021 (updated)

Giving Tuesday: Ways to Get the Whole Family Involved

Looking for a way to give to others and get your whole family involved? Why not participate in Giving Tuesday? Read on to learn more!

Laura Kraus
Laura Kraus
Giving Tuesday - rough handwriting in a spiral art sketchbook against fall background of dry leaves, berries, cones and crab apples
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How Do You Handle Family Holidays During COVID?

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, how do you handle getting together with family and loved ones during the holidays? Read on for some helpful tips!

Amelia Peck
how do you handle family holidays during covid?
Family Recipes
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Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe: A Family Experience

Pumpkin pie is a quintessential Thanksgiving tradition! Here's a great easy recipe for a delicious dessert everyone will love!

Laura Kraus
Laura Kraus
Family Recipes
|Activities & Travel,Holidays,Thanksgiving08 March 2021 (updated)

Beyond the Food: Thanksgiving Rituals to Create Memories

There's more to Thanksgiving than a great turkey! Here are some new Thanksgiving rituals to bring extra meaning and flavor to your holiday from Nina Simone.

Nina Simone
Family Recipes
|Food & Recipes,Holidays,Thanksgiving08 March 2021 (updated)

Cooking With Kids: Easy, Nostalgic Thanksgiving Stew

Thanksgiving Stew is a simple vegetable beef stew recipe that will bring communities together to celebrate a nostalgic holiday full of gratitude.

Josie Ortega
Josie Ortega

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Father’s Day Movies for Your Next Family Movie Night

For Father's Day movies, Josie Ortega suggests great on-screen movie dads, action-packed adventures, or ridiculous 80s comedies.

Josie Ortega
Josie Ortega