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|Home & Style,Must Read27 July 2021 (updated)

21 Boys Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration

Are you looking for some classic and unique boys bedroom ideas and inspiration? You've come to the right place! Here are some of our top picks.

Heather Walter
Redesign boy bedroom
Home Design
|Home & Style26 July 2021 (updated)

Homeschool Room Ideas: Creating a Learning Space

If you're gearing up to start school at home in the fall, here are some homeschool room ideas that may inspire you as you're planning a learning space.

Jayne Schultheis
homeschool room ideas
Home Design
|Home & Style,Must Read22 July 2021

Will Staging a House Help Me Sell My House?

Will staging a house help you get a better price when you put a house on the market? Read on to learn all about home staging and how it can get you results.

Daniel Raymond
staging a house with modern decor in a bedroom
|Christmas,Home & Style21 July 2021 (updated)

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

Still have no clue what to give to your loved ones this Christmas? Check out these last-minute gift ideas from Josie Ortega that everyone in your family will

Josie Ortega
Josie Ortega
|Holidays,Home & Style21 July 2021 (updated)

Shop 'til You Drop: What Is Black Friday and How to Shop It

Want to get the most bang for your buck on Black Friday? Here are some Black Friday basics, and tips for keeping your sanity while getting great deals.

Amanda Williams
|Home & Style21 July 2021 (updated)

Cyber Monday: Fun Gifts for Everyone on your List

Your Thanksgiving weekend has come to a close, but for many shoppers, the party's just beginning! Here's how to shop Cyber Monday - check our tips

Laura Kraus
Laura Kraus

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Green Living
|Home & Style,Must Read20 July 2021

Eco-Friendly Fashion to Wear Everyday

Yes, you can wear gorgeous clothes while still remaining environmentally conscious! Read on for some stellar eco-friendly fashion choices.

Jamie Davis Smith
Money-Saving Family
|Home & Style16 July 2021 (updated)

5 Tips for Back-To-School Shopping on a Budget

From pencils and notebooks to shoes and clothes, back-to-school shopping is expensive! Here are some money-saving tips so your child can go back in style.

Laura Kraus
Laura Kraus
|Home & Style,Must Read14 July 2021

What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a House?

If you want to buy a house, you need a good credit score. Find out how good, and what the score means to your chance of getting a mortgage.

Daniel Raymond
Coming Home
|Children & Parents,Home & Style,Must Read07 July 2021

Renting vs. Buying a House? It's Not Just a Matter of Money

The life-changing choice of renting vs. buying a house to live in involves finances. But you must answer some questions that aren't based on money.

Daniel Raymond
Home Design
|Home & Style06 July 2021 (updated)

Shabby Chic and DIY Interior Design Ideas

Check out our creative ideas and DIY tips so you can incorporate shabby chic style into your own gorgeous interior designs!

Amanda Williams
|Home & Style02 July 2021 (updated)

How to Set up a Guest Room for Grandchildren

Check out our ideas to turn that empty room of yours into a beloved guest room for your grandkids!

Amanda Williams