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|Children & Parents,Editor's Pick,School Choices26 July 2021 (updated)

Is Homeschooling Right for You? Pros and Cons of Homeschool in the US

Are you considering homeschool for your child? Then check out our homeschooling pros and cons so you can make the right choice for your family!

Elizabeth Johnson
Homeschooling pros and cons
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|Editor's Pick,Food & Recipes14 July 2021 (updated)

30+ Easy Dinner Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love!

Looking for something to spice up dinner time? Feeling low on time and energy? Check out these easy family dinner ideas everyone will love!

Jayne Schultheis
family dinner recipes
|Editor's Pick,Food & Recipes,Summer12 July 2021 (updated)

Grilled Fruit Ideas That Are Perfect for Summer

Nothing says summer like firing up the grill! Check out these fantastic ideas for grilled fruit that are perfect for your next summer BBQ!

Jayne Schultheis
grilled fruit
|Cosmetics,Editor's Pick,Health & Fitness07 July 2021 (updated)

Skin Smart: The Best Sunscreen for Your Face

Is there a good sunscreen for your face that won't make it break out or leave you looking ashy? Read on for some great products to keep your skin gorgeous!

Mai Trinh
Mai Trinh
Kid Health
|Editor's Pick,Health & Fitness,Summer06 July 2021 (updated)

Detoxifying Kids Pool (and Beach) Hair

We love spending time in the water, but sometimes it takes a toll on our hair! Here are some great tips for detoxifying kids' hair after the beach and pool!

Nina Simone
|Editor's Pick,Food & Recipes,Summer06 July 2021 (updated)

Fresh Summer Recipes for the Whole Family

Summer is here and so is the heat. Check out these fresh summer recipes full of exciting seasonal flavors for meal ideas all season long!

Rachel Kidd

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|Editor's Pick,Food & Recipes,Summer06 July 2021 (updated)

Isn't Life a Peach? Best Peach Recipes for the Summer

Peaches are the sweet, juicy summer treat that we can't get enough of! From sweet and spicy sides to dessert, check out these great ideas for peach recipes!

Jayne Schultheis
|Editor's Pick,Health & Fitness,Summer06 July 2021 (updated)

The Best Summer Skin and Haircare Tips for Families

Check out the best tips for summer skin and haircare to be prepared for this summer!

Sarah Lopez
Arts & Crafts
|Activities & Travel,Editor's Pick,Must Read06 July 2021 (updated)

Beat the Heat With Summer Crafts for Kids

Looking for some summer crafts to keep the kids occupied? From crafts for toddlers to science activities for older kids, check out all our suggestions!

Jayne Schultheis
|Editor's Pick,Food & Recipes06 July 2021 (updated)

Homemade Lemonade: Healthy and Refreshing Recipes

Looking for the perfectly refreshing summer drink? Be inspired by these ideas and recipes and create your own homemade lemonade.

Jayne Schultheis
|Editor's Pick,Food & Recipes,Summer02 July 2021 (updated)

Red, White, and Booze: Fourth of July Drink Recipes

Light the sparklers and raise a glass! If you're looking for some Fourth of July Drink Recipes to keep everyone feeling festive, check these out!

Jayne Schultheis
Family Pets
|Editor's Pick,Holidays,Summer30 June 2021 (updated)

Patriotic Pups: 11 Adorable Fourth of July Dogs

Break out your stars and stripes and red, white, and blue! These Fourth of July dogs are tough competition!

Jayne Schultheis