Happy Father's Day!

Father’s Day is a great time to thank your dad for all they do. From epic presents to inspired DIY gifts, there are plenty of things he’ll love to receive! Read on for Father’s Day 2019 gift ideas!

June may be the time to get amped up for the summer with beachside swimming and barbecues. But, this month is also the time to celebrate the most important man in your life: your father! Father’s Day weekend 2021 is on June 20, so you’ve got time to start looking if you’ve only got a greeting card. The following ideas will help get you prepared for the holiday.

What Is the History Behind Father’s Day?

Father’s Day may not seem to get the same attention Mother’s Day does, but there’s a reason for that. In fact, it wasn’t until 58 years after Mother’s Day was made official that the day became a nationwide holiday. It took so long because people thought that the holiday did not have the same appeal as Mother’s Day. Thus, there was plenty of delay in making it official! Whether you celebrate with brunch or a museum trip, the 50th anniversary of the special day is nearly here.

What Are Some Good Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

Father’s Day activities can be free, but that doesn’t mean a gift has to cost an arm and a leg. Choose from one of the following for the kind of presents that will make the day!

  • Leather Wallet – It probably seems like your dad always needs a new wallet. However, a high-quality leather wallet that offers personalization will add a nice touch to an old favorite. This monogrammed item that features his initials might be among the gifts he’ll really remember.
  • Matein Travel Laptop Backpack – If your dad is always flying off on business, the gift he can take with him is best! Luckily, this backpack has everything he needs to carry his laptop and its extras. It’s even considered the best carry-on backpack by the experts, so share it on a family app.
  • Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones – At $350, this isn’t one of the Father’s Day ideas that everyone’s going to invest in. But, if you’re looking for something really special for your music-loving dad, this could be it! These headphones are the best out there and will be the kind of gift your dad won’t buy himself.

Father's Day gift ideas shaving dad sonWhat’s a Good Non-Tech Gift Ideas for Father’s Day?

A lot of dads are big on tech, but there are many gifts that can be just as exciting. For the dad who isn’t that into his phone, you might want to share the following ideas on FamilyApp!

  • Beard Grooming Oil – If your dad is looking for some scruff-inspiration, this oil from Kiehl’s might do the trick. In addition to smoothing and taming, it also exfoliates the skin. You could even pump up this gift with some shaving cream, aftershave or eau de toilette.
  • Daddy Shark T-Shirt – When it comes to Father’s Day ideas for a toddler, this gift will really get the laughs. The ‘Baby Shark’ shirt will make your dad seem in the know and add extra fun! But, if that doesn’t appeal, there are still plenty of personalized t-shirts your dad will love.

mom daughters baking. father's day gift ideasWhat Gifts Can I Make for My Dad?

If you’re looking for something special this year, DIY Father’s Day gift ideas might be the way to go. You can even consider making these items part of a care package tailored especially for him!

  • Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream – There are plenty of items you can make at home that will be sure to impress your dad! Instead of going to the store, try this homemade shaving cream by adding together a few household ingredients. You may even want to share it with others on a family app!
  • Family-Inspired Art – It’s easy enough to go to the store or order an art piece online. But, a collage of family pictures he’ll always remember can be one of the best Father’s Day crafts. You can make his favorite images into wall art or even a photo blanket! Whether it’s for work or his in-home office, this DIY gift will keep giving.
  • Breakfast in Bed- It might not last forever, but a delicious Father’s Day breakfast is a fantastic way to celebrate Dad. Make his favorite pancakes or omelet, and enjoy the morning together.

It might be hard to believe but dad’s special day is just around the corner, but there are plenty of great ways that you can celebrate! Whether you spend on headphones or come up with something from scratch, make it something he’ll remember. Do you have any great Father’s Day gift ideas? Share them with us in our comments! Whatever the special day brings, there are plenty of great gifts to get inspired.

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