Barbara Weddon – A COVID-19 Survivor Story

Devoted wife, mother, and grandmother Barbara Weddon has shared her inspiring COVID-19 survivor story and recovery with Amelia Peck. Read on for more!

Fifty-year-old Barbara Weddon from Augusta, Georgia (home of the Masters’ Golf Tournament) is a third-grade special education teacher and bus driver in her community. Wife and mother to two grown children and grandmother to four, she already carries the weight of dealing with stage three kidney disease and thyroid disease on a daily basis. When she first felt the symptoms of COVID-19, she thought it was aches and soreness from the work she was doing to help those around her by delivering food and basic needs. 

The First COVID-19 Symptoms

Can you describe when you first felt symptoms of being sick and when you realized what you were feeling was COVID-19? 

At first, I thought my aches were from working. We were delivering meals to students and I was lifting food and such. By that Friday I started to just feel very drained. By the time I came home, I had chills so I decided to take my temperature. I didn’t know what I had, I just knew I did not feel good. That was my first day to have a temperature. I think I knew after a couple of days that I had COVID-19. It was a kind of sick I had never felt before. 

Were you tested for COVID-19 or were you advised to quarantine without formal testing? 

I was tested and received results on April 20th. I had not had symptoms since April eighth or ninth. However, I still tested positive. My doctor advised me to quarantine as soon as I got sick. My doctor stated they would not test me unless my fever got over 101 degrees, and it never did. They didn’t test me until after I was already better. They only did that because we had a positive case in our school system so it was required. 

Can you describe what the virus was like for you? How did your symptoms progress and what precautions did you take? 

The virus was bad for me. I really have never been so sick. My symptoms got worse as time went on, including a low appetite and feeling very fatigued. I had all the symptoms except the sore throat. The cough was awful and sometimes I would lose my breath after an attack. I remained quarantined and didn’t leave the house except to go to the doctor. 

barbara weddon civid survivor
Barbara Weddon, Covid survivor

Family Support

What helped you get through everything? Was there self-care that helped or a person who was particularly supportive? 

I slept a lot and I tried to eat jello, popsicles, and drink Gatorade. I didn’t eat much solid food while I had the virus. When I finally wanted something to eat, I knew that I was getting better. But what helped me the most was my husband. I’m not sure I would’ve survived without him. Unfortunately, he caught the virus from me.

What do you want people to know during this time when many have to continue to shelter in place and others are able to venture out more as states open in phases? 

If people are sick, stay home. I think I was exposed by someone whose spouse was sick and she didn’t mention it. Unfortunately, he passed away. It’s a rough virus. I still find it hard to catch my breath at times.

A COVID-19 Story of Hope

Today both Barbara and Stephen have recovered from COVID-19, and we’re so thankful Barbara has shared her COVID-19 story with us! For more inspiring stories, be sure to read those of Dana Mancini and Marcy Bursac.

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