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Laura was born with many stories to tell and has been writing in one way or another ever since. She's written TV news stories, blogs, children's cartoons, legal briefs, commercials, and everything in between. In addition to working for FamilyApp, she's also architecting the Faithful Beginnings School Readiness Guide for preschoolers. She loves traveling, new adventures, finding a great bargain, and reading to her three children.

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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family

It’s the final countdown before Valentine’s Day. Many idealistic romantics look upon it in hopeful anticipation but it can be a stressful time for those who might not have a special Valentine. Or, especially stressful if your Valentine has big expectations of romantic experience that you’re just not up for. ... Read More
Jet Set Bohemian Mom on the Street Mai Trinh family

Jet Set Bohemian Mom on the Street: Mai Trinh

Jet Set Bohemian Mom on the Street Mai Trinh always seems to be on-the-go. She runs her own business, provides wellness training to her many clients, manages the schedules of three busy kids, and stays active in her community. All this while looking radiant and gorgeous!  ... Read More
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12 Ways to Spark Joy Without Tidying Up a Thing

Marie Kondo has inspired millions with her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Netflix series, and her KonMari organizational method, but there are plenty of other ways to spark joy–no tidying up required! Here are a few to get you started. ... Read More