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Jayne is a Virginia Beach native who loves her local community. She’s a thrift store enthusiast, musical theater fan, amateur hiker, and lover of all things creative and artsy. You can often find her combing the racks at the local thrift store searching for a fun and unique outfit or spending time getting lost in a good book.

dinner ideas for kids

What’s Cooking? 10 Easy Dinner Ideas for Kids

Have you ever wondered when your child gets on board with “real food” instead of another bag of frozen chicken nuggets? Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered. Check out these recipes for dinner ideas for kids that are sure to be a hit with everybody, especially on a busy weeknight. ... Read More
avocado recipes - main dishes, dips, and sides

All About That Avo: Amazing Avocado Recipes

Avocados took the 2010s by storm. It seems everywhere we go, we’re bombarded with avocado-laden products, whether they’re sliced onto toast, blended into guacamole, or topping our salads. There’s no shortage of recipes that suddenly became avocado recipes. I’ve even seen avocado in gelato, chocolate mousse, hummus, and milkshakes! Its creamy consistency and mild flavor make this green fruit a versatile addition to savory and sweet dishes alike. ... Read More