FamilyApp™ is a real-time messaging service provided by Family Fabric, Inc. It runs on a patent-pending platform called fabric we built to strengthen our families and the organizations supporting them. With FamilyApp™  and the fabric platform, we’re building amazing customer experiences for content and service providers by placing their offerings in the context of family life!  We leverage artificial intelligence to serve relevant content to families while individual user data remains encrypted.  This approach improves conversion rates and lifetime value for providers while ensuring compliance and data privacy.  Contact us for more information about how FamilyApp™ can benefit your business or organization.

FamilyApp Services

Content Audit & Plan

Use a combination of deep machine learning of your product information, user generated / social media, website content, and analysis of search metrics to:

  • Answer questions about your online visibility, existing and potential customers as well as (new) target groups.
  • Identify relevant keywords, niche topics and trends.
  • Understand activities and positioning of your competitors.
  • Establish a strategic content development plan based on your objectives.

Topic Channels

Apply AI-based insights to create FamilyApp™ topic channels driving quality leads through search marketing and micro-influencer campaigns.  This approach enables you to:

  • Cost-effectively increase search visibility and lead quality.
  • Develop a sustainable content strategy, which can be quickly and flexibly extended to relevant trends and changing customer needs.
  • Answer key questions (integrated content hub or separate topic portal, seasonal focus, online tonalities, contribution frequency…)

Messaging Programs

Shift your audience to channels you own and drive ongoing customer engagement with group chats and mini-programs delivering relevant content.  Our services include:

  • FamilyApp Connect™ messenger bots driving customer engagement with mini-programs optimized for your business.
  • Branded, responsive web topic portals increasing search visibility and quality lead generation and sustained competitive advantage.
  • Full-stack private label app development leveraging the fabric platform.

Meet the Team

We are passionate about creating amazing new customer experiences with businesses and organizations bringing families together.


Peter Kraus



Tommy Lyons

Head of Technology


Laura Kraus

Head of Communications


Rich Kidd

Head of Business Development


David Brown

Head of Product / UX


Jayne Schultheis

Social Media Specialist


Jordan Reid

Head of Growth / CX

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Cole Hierholzer

Content Writer

Our mission is to fill people with hope as they experience the security and joy of belonging to a family.